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Waste management

One of the other services that we are able to provide is Waste Management Package on drilling sites (management of drilled cuttings and waste drilling fluid). Design of the equipment package enables to collect the drilling waste both solid and liquid and separate them by use of vibration mechanism and fluid cleaning equipment. Basic advantages of using such Waste Management Package are:

  • Collection and loading of drilled cuttings and waste fluid.
  • Separation of solids and liquids.
  • Cleaning of the recovered drilling fluid by removing the fine solids. Return of the clean fluid back to the rig for re-use. 
  • Storage of drilling fluid, additional volume for displacements.
  • Dewatering process. (OPTIONAL)

Each equipment package is customized to meet individual customer needs and requirements. Our goal is to provide a service that is able to collect, separate and store solids and liquids, minimize volumes of waste sent to polygon for disposal. Pit less drilling help to reduce environment impacts and lower Oil Companies expenses for waste disposal.