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Drilling fluids

The primary product line of “Petro-Unit” LLP is the provision of chemicals for drilling fluid preparation, fluids engineering service, technical support and optimization and improvement of drilling fluid technology applied and recipes to use. Our company is capable of offering a broad range of technically sound and justified drilling fluids programs as well as programs for completion and packer fluids. Our team of field engineers at customer sites and office based support staff possess an experience and knowledge in the area of drilling fluids expertise acquired in such well-known multinational service providers as Baker Hughes, Halliburton and MI SWACO.

Our operational department is able to offer field proven and effective solutions to any challenging environment while drilling including such drilling fluid systems as:

  • Basic Polymer Systems (Salt Saturated, KCL/Polymer, PHPA/Polymer and others)
    • These types of drilling fluids are often used in average wells without any specific complications and challenging geologic conditions or hazards.
  • Highly-Inhibited Systems (“CLAY-TEQ/Polymer” system, PETRO-AMINE/Polymer system)
    • These fluid systems are applied when drilling through formation of high activity, swelling clays which promote bit and BHA balling, tight hole, problematic tripping operations, loss of productive time.
  • High-Performance Stabilizing Systems (“PORE-BRIDG/Polymer”)
    • PORE-BRIDG is a polymer system which contains chemicals for wellbore stabilization and strengthening to drill in fractured, unstable formations that tend to cave in OR allow for severe losses. Special additives are added to increase near wellbore strength and prevent potential destabilization process.
  • Oil Based Drilling Fluids
    • Diesel, mineral and synthetic based fluids.
  • Completion brines and packer fluids
    • Variety of additives such as corrosion inhibitors, H2S scavengers, biocides. Also we provide brine inhibitors such as 3-IN-1, these products contain all necessary components in one drum. Among other things we offer our clients casing clean up chemicals prior to perforations or setting of the packer.

Our team of professionals can develop most effective drilling fluid program customized to meet certain geological challenges and provide high quality service on customer well sites. Drilling fluids that we apply have been used extensively for several years in West Kazakhstan region, Aktobe region and Mangistau region.

You can view the assortment of drilling fluid chemicals that we offer by clicking here: DRILLING FLUIDS CHEMICALS